These are the services we currently offer on the bus. You can click on the arrow to the right of each, for a brief description. 

If you would like to talk to us about any of the services we offer, you can give us a call on 027 224 2430 or fill out our contact form by clicking on the button below, and we will call you. 


We will talk to you to find out a bit more about you and then usually do an examination which will include an internal exam, like for a smear.


We can provide all reversible contraceptive options on the Bus. We will find out what is important to you so we can get the best option for you.


If you have an abnormal smear you may be refered for a colposcopy. For more information about colposcopy check out: www.healthed.govt.nz/Colposcopy

Sexual Health

We can screen for infections but also talk to us if you are having painful sex or have any other issues you would like to discuss.

If you would like to see some further information on common womens health matters, we have some links in our information centre.