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With the Woman's Health Bus our aim is to provide communities with trained health practitioners, and reduce the burden on women seeking specialist women's health services in Rural New Zealand.



Helen Paterson
Gynaecologist & Co-Director

Alice Profile.jpg

Alice van Zijl
Practice Nurse & Co-Director


Emma Macfarlane
Nurse Practitioner

Helen started daydreaming about a Woman’s Health Bus in 2015, and is a co-director for this venture. As well as being a clinical and operating gynaecologist, Helen is passionate about education.  Helen is an active educator for nurses, GPs and specialists. 

Alice is a co director of the women's health bus. She works as part of the bus health professional team providing care. Alice specialises in woman's health in the community and trained in long acting reversible contraceptive insertion and removal to facilitate care in the community in both her practice nurse and woman's health bus roles.

Emma is a nurse practitioner trained in reproductive and sexual health. She is committed to improving women's health in New Zealand. 


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